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How does that feel inside?
What will your daily life be like?

Briefly imagine that you are not going to live and discover your unfulfilled dreams. Instead, you continue doing what you have in the past. What will life be like in 10 years time? Step out, every step you take you get older, days pass, weeks pass. Notice how your body is, how your mind is, how you feel about staying on this path.

  1. There are many people in the world with amazing talents who realize only a small percentage of their potential.
  2. We all know people who live this truth.
  3. What made each of these people so successful? Motivation.
  4. One of the most difficult aspects of achieving success is staying motivated over the long haul.
What can you do to form the habit of becoming a success?
What is your temptation that is standing in your way to greatness?

This time is used also to put things in their places. In the last thing before retiring was examination of the day. At the age of 79, he ascribed his health to temperance; the acquisition of misfortune to industry and frugality; the confidence of his country to sincerity and justice.

  1. The other virtues practice in succession by Franklin were silence.
  2. For the summary order he followed a little scheme of employing his time each day.
  3. From five to seven each morning he spent in bodily personal attention.
  4. In order to do the work thoroughly he decided to attempt each virtue and a quarter of its importance – one at a time.
Do you feel that you have lived life?
How does that feel?

How do you affect those around you? How do they feel? Absorb every aspect of this path that you can take today if you so choose. Notice everything that you need to know about what it will be like if you carry on with the same behaviour, putting off change. Drift back to where the path splits. Step Five: Now take a step out on to the path to the right. This is where you create powerful, progressive change.

  1. Notice the sense of freedom in your thoughts.
  2. They often mean leaving the perception of security in order to discover your personal freedom.
  3. These are the changes that will bring happiness and satisfaction into your life. Just go there now.
  4. You have the freedom to be how you want to be.
What will your daily life be like?
Do you feel that you have lived life?

The first thing to remember about success is that it is a process – nothing more, nothing less. There is really no magic to it and it’s not reserved only for a select few people. As such, success really has nothing to do with luck, coincidence or fate. It really comes down to understanding the steps in the process and then executing on those steps.

  1. Making the decision.
  2. Clarity – developing the Vision.
  3. Focus – having a plan.
  4. Commitment – understanding the price and having the willingness to pay that price.